The Piñabar is the most innovative pineapple-slicer on the market today. Our patented system enables the best peeled pineapples in just 20 seconds. Delivering you the fastest and freshest in-store pineapple experience. Get ready for genuinely fresh pineapples, peeled right in front of your eyes. There is no fresher substitute than this. No conservatives, just fresh pineapple.


The Piñabar has stop power and can be fitted in your store routing. Attract customers to your fresh corner and let them experience the Piñabar. Our machine is a branding tool for your marketing department. It can be customized in style and color. Furthermore delivering the extra service of cutting the pineapples next to selling them is customer service at its best.

Hi Dole,
I’m just writing in to say what a great service the Piñabar provides. 
Prior to the Piñabar, I had never spared a thought for deliberately purchasing and consuming pineapple. 
The in-store pineapple slicer is really convenient and provides a great incentive for consumers to purchase pineapple. 
I’m now buying a pineapple 2-3x a week, so thank you for making this product more accessible. 
Kind regards,


Increase your sales with our Piñabar. Not only do we see increase of pineapple sales up to 800%, we find decrease in spoilage, increase in category sales and obviously a decrease in fresh cut labor costs.

Beker met ananas

The Piñabar is a very easy-to-use machine and maximizing user experience. Inserting only a pineapple and a bucket the machine is ready to be used. With the press of a single button the customer can see, through our transparent door, how the pineapple is cut and dropped into the bucket.

For the operator our machine is easy to clean, by dismantling the blades and putting them in a washing machine. Within 15 minutes the machine is clean and ready to go. Also the machine can easily be moved around and due to its dimensions fits right next to standard retail shelves. Our machines are certified for the appropriate food and safety requirements.    


Our innovative Piñabar has increased pineapple sales significantly and is attracting attention worldwide. Moreover it is a unique in-store fresh fruit experience that offers unrivaled branding opportunities for the produce corner.

Especially for suppliers and retailers, it is an extra branding tool, and relationship bonder. It has increased sales of pineapples to 200 even 800% around the world.


At Dutch Food Technology we believe in fresh and healthy food. We innovate our machines around fresh and green products bringing maximum efficiency and user experience to our customers. Our mission is to make fresh natural foods the standard for everyone, every time.

Our machines are produced with the highest care for quality and safety. Using the most up to date methods and innovative solutions we create durable and effective machines for your food corner.

We design clever equipment for healthy, whole, and natural foods. Turning them into a fast and fresh in-store experience.


You can contact us directly or send us a message using the form. If necessary we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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